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Gay Beauregard

A helpful learning tool on how to tie your shoes, where shoelace strings are tied on the front cover for practice. The book is accompanied by a song, sung to the tune of "Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay". With purchase of the book you will also receive a digital download via email of the Lacy Shoelace song.

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Laura Cole

This realistic guide to manifesting abundant success will show you how to be the master of your destiny. The only obstacle to creating a life you love is your thinking. Thoughts have power. Your mind holds the key, and your beliefs will open the door to create a life you love. Learn how to get clear on what you truly want, listen your intuition and take action to turn your dreams into a reality.
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Martha Creek

Wisdom pours forth through these grassroots anecdotes from a myriad of topics.  This writing speaks to the full spectrum of our humanness, integrated gracefully and mercifully in divinity. You may actually learn something, better yet re-learn something and at a minimum just simply feel better from knowing there is “another way” of being.
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Melissa Higginbotham

What makes Voicing the Sound Eternal unique is its emphasis on partnering with consciousness. This book teaches you to combine consciousness and sound for healing on a deeper level, sparking spiritual healing and self-transformation on all levels of your being.
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Bill Marchiony

Bill wanted a book to use in class to teach the basics of Spiritual Mind Treatment in a clear, concise way, without dated language or jargon. He wanted one that includes sample prayers that students could use – or modify –  as they began and deepened into their journey. He couldn't find one, so he wrote it!
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James Mellon

16-Weeks of Spiritual Boot Camp for the Mind. What if you knew that you were successful, and that's all you knew? What if you knew you were rich, and that's all you knew? What if you knew you were insanely talented, and that's all you knew? What if you knew your body was vibrant with perfect health, and that's all you knew? What if you knew you deserved to be happy, and that's all you knew? THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE HERE TO KNOW. Order online...

James Mellon

What if there were 5 questions that could navigate any situation, and take you on a journey to yourself that would reveal your inner greatness? Would you ask them? And most importantly, would you be willing to listen for what's revealed? Welcome to "The 5 Questions."

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Ruth L. Miller

The New Thought movement was launched in the mid-1800s by a clockmaker who discovered that disease and distress were often caused by, and could be reversed by, our thought processes. Based on his work, dozens of powerful teachers developed methods, schools, and churches. This book introduces those people and their teachings in an easy-to-read style, showing how each one influenced the others over the past century.
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Ruth L. Miller

Ruth Miller's Library of Hidden Knowledge introduces the essential works of Emerson, Allen, Hopkins, Shinn, Drummond, Wattles, and Haanel in modern language, with summary points and exercises, and the original text. It's  an understandable introduction to make the originals more accessible.
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Michele Whittington

Michele shares the story of her relationship with her husband Lonnie that lasted for almost three decades, the secrets to their long-lasting love, their navigation through his terminal illness and how she has discovered that life after death is a reality in more ways than she ever expected.
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