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Affiliated New Thought Network and Emerson Theological Institute

The Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN) and the Emerson Theological Institute (ETI) have been affiliates for nearly 30 years, each supporting  the other in a common vision and mission:  to offer New Thought leaders a welcoming community of collegial support and a solid foundation of educational enrichment.  Initially focused on Religious Science and the Science of Mind teachings, both ANTN and Emerson have grown in scope and encompass the ever-evolving edge of the global New Thought Movement, now including Unity, Divine Science, Seicho-ne-le, Universal Foundation for Better Living, Spiritual Growth Institute, and others.

Drs. Angelo and Stella Pizelo, Emerson’s founders, explain:

“The Emerson Theological Institute was born from the desire to take the New Thought philosophy of living into the mainstream by providing educational opportunities for those desiring to enhance their own lives and to be of service to others.  As long-term public school teachers, administrators, and ordained New Thought Ministers, we have been blessed to put our experience to use in creating and offering an educational institute that literally makes a major impact in society.

 “Our goal for Emerson Theological Institute is to provide a personalized educational program that facilitates acquiring knowledge, personal growth and the ability to be of service to others.  We follow the vision of Ernest Holmes (founder of Religious Science) by being open at the top, giving opportunities for students to use their creative powers free of obstacles, providing mentorship, encouragement and instructional support resulting in enhancing the consciousness of the world.”

Whether you are new to Emerson and ANTN or have been a part of us for years, we realize you may have questions.  Here are some of the ones we’ve heard, and please submit any questions you have about Emerson Theological Institute and/or our relationship to ANTN. We’ll be delighted to answer them in upcoming issues of CONNECTIONS.  We love to hear from you!

Click below for more info from the Emerson website.

Questions and Answers about ANTN and Emerson

Q – Are ANTN and Emerson the Same Organization?

A – No.  ANTN and Emerson are two separate organizations.  ANTN is an association of Independent New Thought centers, ministers, practitioners, and New Thought teachers.  Because ANTN does not operate a school, we decided in 1992 to establish an agreement with Emerson Theological Institute, (an independent accredited 501c3 New Thought school), to help those members who desired degrees, credentials or further education, to take coursework through Emerson.  This agreement established the function of Emerson Theological Institute as ANTN’s educational arm.

Q – What is Emerson Institute, and How is it Affiliated With ANTN?

A – Emerson Theological Institute is the educational arm of ANTN. Emerson is a division of the Positive Living Center of Central California and the Emerson New Thought Center Inc., located near beautiful Yosemite Nation Park under the direction of Dr. Angelo Pizelo, its founder and director, Dr. Stella Pizelo, and their staff. Founded in 1992, Emerson is passionately dedicated to fostering the understanding and embodiment of Universal New Thought Principles

Q – What Educational Programs Does Emerson Offer?

A – Emerson offers programs at 3 levels OF SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS STUDIES degree programs (Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate), certificate programs (leading to Practitioner, Animal Chaplain, and Ministerial credentials), and non-degree, personal growth programs.  All of Emerson’s courses of study and programs are founded on the New Thought belief system.

Q – Can I Take Courses at Emerson Even if I (Or My Church) Aren’t Part of ANTN?

A – Absolutely! Many of our degree and certificate students are active members of other New Thought churches or groups.

Q – How Can I Take Emerson Courses?

A – Emerson offers on-site classes at a number of locations throughout the country. Emerson also offers a wide variety & depth of distance learning classes and on-line classes.

Q – Is Emerson Institute Accredited?

A – Yes, through an organization called the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges and Theological Seminaries.  ACI accredits over 230 church-related schools and colleges in 33 states in the United States and in 11 countries on five continents and is considered the largest private accrediting commission in the world.

Q – Does Emerson Count Any of My Previous Experience or Other Classes Toward Degrees or Credentials?

A – Absolutely! Emerson staff work with each student to factor in all related spiritual and secular course work and life experience toward course completions.

Q – How Does Emerson Recognize Graduates?

A – Every year at the annual ANTN Conference/Retreat, there's a Emerson graduation ceremony – it’s one of our favorite events of the year!

Q – Once I Graduate, Who Holds My License? ANTN? Emerson?… Or ?

A – Neither Emerson nor ANTN licenses. Emerson credentials. Churches license…it’s an agreement between the individual and the church as to what the rules are to participate as a practitioner or minister at the church or center.

Q – By Graduating from Emerson, Do I Automatically Become a Member of ANTN?

A – No, but Emerson encourages graduates to join ANTN, where you will find incredible support from our growing network of vibrant, visionary members!

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