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Connecting the New Thought community through Consciousness and Love

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Member Benefits

ANTN is a worldwide network that includes New Thought centers, churches, organizations, independent ministries and ministers, Religious Science practitioners, licensed Unity teachers and chaplains, authors, speakers, musicians, podcasters, students and others who embrace New Thought principles, but don’t necessarily fit in any of those categories. In other words, ANTN includes you! We believe Divine Consciousness is the sole authority and value transformation, connection and community.

Support ESP

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Maximum Freedom

ANTN supports organizations’ and individuals’ autonomy. Organizations have the freedom to decide their bylaws, organizational structure, etc.  Churches and centers have the independence to develop their own curriculum, license their own lay leaders and Ministers and set requirements regarding their own members, size, location and focus.  And, there is no restriction on them belonging to any other New Thought umbrella organization.

You Have a Voice

You are eligible and strongly encouraged to vote at our Annual Meeting held each year at our Retreat.  As a church, center or organization, you have two votes.  With an individual or family membership, you have one.

Connect All of New Thought
As a member of ANTN, you support us in living our vision of "Connecting the New Thought community through Consciousness and Love." Your membership fees directly assist us in actively living the fundamental tenet of New Thought ... Oneness.

For Center Ministers

You have a network of ministers and speakers for occasional or long-term needs. We also provide support in your ministerial search through “open pulpit” postings of both ANTN centers and centers from other New Thought organizations.  And, you are invited to participate in the ministers-only Facebook Discussion Group to share ideas and best practices.

As a benefit to our valued members, we have a section of this website dedicated to Resources available to pulpit ministers, independent ministers and spiritual leaders of all types. These Resources include weddings, ceremonies, rituals, processes, spiritual activities, etc.

ANTN Member Books

Members can promote their published books on the website, where New Thought colleagues around the world can find them!


The ANTN Book Project

In 2022, ANTN published "New Thoughts for Today" featuring over 200 inspirational articles by dozens of ANTN members.

It's available on Amazon and through this website.

Volume 2 is in progress now!

ANTN's second book, to be written by ANTN members and slated for publication in mid-2024, will be an anthology of stories, parables, poems, and other art forms aimed at demonstrating ways in which transformation occurs. The submissions are intended to show how the contributors have moved from experiences that no longer served them into expressions of greater livingness in areas such as prosperity, love, relationships, creativity, purpose and self-worth. 


New Thought Media Network

ANTN members with a show on New Thought Media Network can also simulcast to subscribers on the ANTN Community Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Discounts on Retreats and Workshops

Annually, ANTN hosts a multiple-day, in-person as well as virtual Retreat that reflects the evolving spiritual consciousness of our global community. The Retreat provides innovative ideas to support you in personal and professional ways. You will be uplifted and transformed through diverse keynote presentations, workshops, music and interactive processes. As a member, you receive a discount on the Retreat registration price. In addition to the annual Retreat, we host quarterly virtual workshops, which are FREE to our membership, on a variety of topics all of which support your growth and evolution.

Team of Mentors

Experienced members will address your needs on an individual basis to support you and/or your ministry or your organization.  See our Extraordinary Support Project for additional information on mentorship.

Interactive Website

Our website is robust with up-to-date happenings, information and a membership directory, as well as easy ways to make contributions, pay annual membership dues, participate in member-only benefits and register for events.  Be sure to take a look around for all the goodies!

Interested in Joining?
If you would like to join ANTN or learn more information about joining, just click here.

Extraordinary Support Project

ANTN’s Extraordinary Support Project (“ESP”) is designed to fund programs that surpass the normal benefits provided to ANTN members and New Thought organizations.  Through this Project, ANTN offers a variety of specialty services and offerings that include (but are not limited to):
  • Leadership development classes, workshops and retreats
  • Other educational offerings such as technology, church growth and development, how to develop an independent ministry, fundraising, etc.
  • One-on-one mentoring/support
  • Start-up funding for new centers/ministries
  • ANTN leaders sent to ordinations, installations, church celebrations, anniversaries, minister retirement parties, etc.
  • Scholarships for Emerson ministerial students
  • Registration scholarship plus $200 for other expenses to attend the annual ANTN Retreat in person
  • Funding to bring in prominent, higher-priced speakers to ANTN Retreats
  • Support (beyond our tithes) for other New Thought organizations
  • ANTN leaders sent to other New Thought organizations’ conferences

What Members Have to Say about ESP 

Receiving the gift of tech support through the Extraordinary Support Project as a church has given us leverage to reach our congregation and an audience further than we ever expected. Our upgraded systems and our tech savviness have increased giving us much wider access. We are also experiencing a much stronger sense of our competency and our ability to translate what it is we are doing in our organization and in our services to a greater number of people beyond our walls. We are so deeply grateful to receive this support, and we know that it is taking us to the places we really want to go technically, professionally, and with our message of Love.

ANTN member center

I am currently receiving one-on-one mentoring through ANTN’s ESP. I have been able to bring my whole self as a minister to these mentoring conversations, to be seen fully in those things with which I am grappling and to be witnessed, advised, heard and prayed into answers that are astonishing, forward thinking, embracing of all and blessing the process. These meetings are nothing short of empowering and substantially worthwhile for every aspect of my ministry, bringing me to see them as priceless on the journey to my spiritual maturity as a minister. Thank you, ANTN, for this program.

Rev. K.

I just wanted to reach out to acknowledge the amazing generosity of ANTN's Extraordinary Support Project. I applied for a grant to help me check off one of the events at the top of my bucket list (Parliament of World Religions), and not only did I receive a positive response, but I received it within 12 hours of submitting my application! I know that ANTN holds as one of its highest goals the support of its members, and this is clearly proof that at ANTN, our job is to make “Yes!” happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rev. S.

Apply to Receive Extraordinary Support or to become a Paid Service Provider

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ESP Funding

This program is funded through a variety of sources, including your generous, designated gifts.  Specifically, the funding sources are:

Rev. Dr. Bill Marchiony, Administrator

Phone: (831) 372-1159



7918 El Cajon Blvd., Suite N332
La Mesa, CA 91942

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