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Books by Stephen Albert

A Rainbow for the World

Experience the beauty and truths of 20 different faiths in "A Rainbow for the World".  Just as a Rainbow is not complete without the FULL SPECTRUM of colors, we are not complete without the FULL SPECTRUM of the many faiths, races, skin tones, cultures, creeds, etc. The book includes a “World Rainbow Meditation” to read and listen to on YouTube at the same time.
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Ignore the "No!"

“Ignore the “NO!” encourages people to go beyond others saying “NO!” and “You Can’t.” If you have a dream, you CAN make it come true. We must not allow others to limit us just because they cannot see our potential. And we must stop limiting ourselves due because of fear, or that it hasn’t been done before.
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Evolving Soul

Discover the Link Between Life and Death And Learn How To Program Your NEXT Life for Happiness.  If you have lost a loved one or close friend, Rev. Dr. Albert offers concepts and stories in his new book which will bring you peace and help you understand we are each immortal beings evolving through one life after another.

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God You Look Great!

In his follow-up to “Evolving Soul” Rev. Dr. Albert explains that the Soul of God is within each person and has been around in many different forms and many different incarnations since the beginning of time. YOU ARE THE ESSENCE OF THE CREATOR!

This is a guidebook for your Soul’s Evolution!
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