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Connecting the New Thought community through Consciousness and Love

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Your dollars will
make change on
Giving Tuesday.

ANTN is Connecting the New Thought community through Consciousness and Love, and you can help!

Support ANTN!

Goal: $20,700.00
Collected: $1,125.00
Giving Tuesday donations though Thursday11/30.

The Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN) is a membership organization that is supported by generous donations from our members and friends. We’re growing to more fully support the organizations and individuals in the New Thought movement.

For Giving Tuesday, we’re asking you to pitch in with a contribution of any amount.

Some of the new and upcoming programs you’ll be supporting include…

  • ESP, the Extraordinary Support Project that provides ANTN members with leadership development, technology, church growth, mentoring, scholarships, and more.
  • Scholarship support to bring New Thought students to the annual Retreat.
  • Scholarship support to bring young adults to the annual Retreat.
  • Participation with other New Thought events and organizations.

Thank you for your generosity!

Help us match our goal!

The people attending the 2023 ANTN Retreat at Unity Village made dramatic contributions, with sponsorship donations totaling $20,700 to support the 2024 Retreat. We’d like your help in matching that amount to support our other ongoing work.

Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted. Here are some ideas about what you can help to support…

  • $1,600 - Full scholarship for a New Thought student or young adult to the 2024 ANTN Retreat (including travel & accommodations) 
  • $650 - Attendance for a student or young adult at the 2024 ANTN Retreat
  • $300 - Scholarship funds for an Emerson Institute student to further their New Thought studies
  • $150 - Full online scholarship for a New Thought student at the 2024 ANTN Retreat
  • $25 - Participation for a student or young adult in a Quarterly Workshop
  • $15 - ANTN’s New Thoughts for Today book for a student

Rev. Dr. Bill Marchiony, Administrator

Phone: (831) 372-1159



7918 El Cajon Blvd., Suite N332
La Mesa, CA 91942

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